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Friday, January 05, 2007

London Underground Fashion Victims

Fashion Victims on the Tube

It's Friday, the first Friday of 2007 and the first fashion victims of the year. The
Tube's been great this week as there's only about half the people as normal on it but that does mean in commuting hours it's been harder to find the victims, but fortunately Mags and Patricia were able to help me out as they spotted some rather unusual looks this week. They seem to both have slight celebrity lookalikes - or perhaps dressalikes.

Xmas party at Glamoursmith

Patricia, who's a big fashion victim fan snapped this lady at Hammersmith I believe with one of the tiniest Xmas hats I've seen.

Glamoursmith Christmas Party

Very Matt Lucas with his micro hat George Dawes or the only gay in the village look.

Ugly Betty

The new US comedy series Ugly Betty starts tonight and you may have seen the trailers of the woman with the nasty teeth braces, thick black glasses and a style of her own who appears to enter the lion's den of the fashionista world.
The real ugly betty

Mags spotted someone who looks like she was auditioning for the role. Mags said: "Note the fuschia coat, red tights, silver shoes and blue beret. She was also wearing specs with black frames - so Ugly Betty it was untrue."

Ugly Betty Look

Panto Boots?

Sometimes I put victims on here, who I'm just jealous of as they have the figure to carry off something I couldn't. She's got the legs for these boots and shorts, but from this angle the whole look was pretty unflattering.

Denim Shorts & Boots

Still I don't suppose she put on the outfit thinking that some idiot woman behind her might take a shot of the back of her legs.

Turn Up with wallpaper

Same escalator and no excuse with this look though, as it wouldn't have looked better from any angle.
Turn Up with Wallpaper

On her right leg you can see that at some stage she's worn these jeans not turned at all as there's the beginnings of some fraying. So she probably thought "Oh no can't have my jeans fraying I'll better turn them up. Mmm but how much? Oh I know, six inches should do it". Madness!

That's it for this now with the victims and many thanks to Mags and Patricia for grabbing the first two. The previous victims can be found here and the complete picture gallery can be seen on the following Flickr set.

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