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Monday, February 05, 2007

Sexiest Underground Voice

Zis train is for Olympia only

Yesterday I received the following email from Matt Jarvis

"Hi there, while travelling on the Olympia shuttle the other day I heard possibly the sexiest, most alluring voice ever on the Tube. A French female accent softly purred the destination before reminding us to "Mind ze doors". I noticed she was also very petite and to be frank; cute, as we passed her cab on the way to the exhibition.

The following day, she was back on the same run, so we were treated to her announcements again. Sadly, the PA was very poor on this train and I could not get a good enough recording on my phone. If she ever reads this, I would like to thank her for brightening up my day. Top Girl!

Just a thought, how about a competition to record the sexiest (Male or Female) announcement on the tube? It appears LUL have cracked down on the humorous varieties, so maybe this would be a good substitute?

It's a thought! If anyone travels on that District Line to Olympia regularly perhaps you could record the French lady for us. Maybe she could be encouraged to make some of the announcements in French too just to add a bit of variety.

It's pretty hard to make recordings of unusual announcements, as they do tend to be one off, so you need to be fast or have someone in full flow. I still thank
Nik Fox for the following recording of Richie Vennard with his whole raft of funny announcements on the Jubilee Line.

Let us know any lines where there are some good voices and perhaps we can do our own Tube Idol.

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