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Monday, April 23, 2007

London Underground curbing announcements

Only announce what is neccessary

Looks like the few bits of personality on the Tube and railway may be curtailed.
The Sunday Times reported that "rail staff are being told to cut back on intercom announcements. They have been issued guidelines warning: 'If you don’t need to say it, then don't.'

It's a shame that this might be spilling over to the Tube. Many of you know that my stock in trade on my sister site www.goingunderground.net has been collecting the funnier announcements that Tube drivers make and The Times' reporter got in touch to see if he could quote some for the article. Over the years hundreds of these have been sent to me and I think most people like them.

But apparently "Passengers on many overground lines object to the proliferation in information bulletins. They complain that electronic announcement systems, station staff, guards, drivers and buffet stewards compete for Tannoy time."

I must admit that I object to the voice of doom announcements which begin; "Ladies & Gentleman this is a service announcement..." and then when you're getting ready to hear about something of major importance, it's a message about holding onto your bags because there are pickpockets, or that there are no delays. Perhaps it's such a rarity that there are no delays we need to be told about it.

What do you think? Should the ad-libs such as "What part of stand clear of the doors don't you understand?" be cut. Or the driver who told the "minging" woman to move away from the doors as the hairs on her legs were getting stuck in them. What about a driver who tried to lighten the delay by getting the passengers to pass the time by singing 'Ten Green Bottles'? Have you heard any good announcements lately, and which do you think should be banned?

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