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Friday, April 27, 2007

Which are real Tube stations?

Guest quiz from

The man who brought you overheard on the Tube brings you a quiz

"Some years ago, before the age of blogs and when Mika was nothing but a glint in a conceptual artist's unholy eyes, I came up with a quiz to test everyone's knowledge of London. As a Londoner, I'm often surprised when I watch the news and they refer to a part of London that I've never heard of before. How can I have lived here most of my life and not have heard of an area? I mean, I've never been to Peckham, but I do know it exists. Likewise, I'm often surprised when I look at a tube map and find a station that I've never heard of before.

It wasn't a very good quiz, but I was bored at work and it seemed like a good idea. I came up with a list of 20 tube stations. Ten of them were real tube stations and ten of them were made up by me. I emailed the quiz around the office. No-one got 100%. It was a terrible shame, and indeed, some of my co-workers ended up killing themselves.

The original quiz has been lost, like tears in the rain, but I've redone it with different options. Here it is: 20 tube stations. Can you tell the real ones from the fakes? Leave your answers in the comments. And no cheating – you're not allowed to look at the Tube map or check Google (and don't look at the other people's responses). You may use only your memory, deductive process and experience. Oh, and the real stations have to be London Underground stations. No DLR or mainline stations. They count as fake stations only.

South Acton
Westbourne Grove
Newbury Road
Boston Manor
Stonebridge Park
Buckhurst Hill
Kensal Rise
Chiswick Park
Ealing Common
Alexandra Palace
Willesden Green
Woodgrange Park
Broad Street

I will supply the answers in the next few days, or when I can be bothered. Good luck."

UPDATE - themanwhofellasleep has posted the answers here. Thanks to all who gave it a try.

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