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Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Arty Tube Maps

What's the key to this map?

Thanks to
Geoff for sending me in the direction of yet more looks at the Tube Map.

Can you work out the key to the following map from designer, David Linton?

Memory Map from colourcountry.net - click to enlarge

"Four years in London, geographically summarized. The Tube is London in miniature: an organic being, a glorious mess of coincidences, and our attempts to organize it with coloured lines, way out signs, and gaps to mind, ultimately only add to the chaos. I'll leave it to you to figure out the key."

Also as we all know Harry Beck was challenged with straightening the lines and making the distances between more even.

275 from Colourcountry.net - Click to enlarge

"A drawing for those of us who think Mr Beck just didn't go far enough. Every station is exactly 1 unit away from four other stations. By necessity, these aren't often the stations which are actually connected to it, but I have tried to make all the interconnections as short as possible. Naturally, no interconnection passes through a false grid point on the way."

Bizarrely soothing to look at, but pretty impossible (for me anyway) to follow.

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