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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

EastEnders Tube Baby?

Wobbly headed pregnant Dawn from EastEnders fled Mad Doctor May and Drippy Rob after being abducted by them and threatened with an early Caesarean conducted by the psycho pill-popping GP. Where did she head to get away from it all? Walford East Tube station and the delights of the District Line.

I was particularly proud of her giving a mouthful to the guy sitting in the reserved seat "Oi can't you read", she said thrusting her bump in his face. No subtle "
Baby on Board" badges for Dawn.

EastEnders Tube Baby?

After plonking herself down, we learnt that her baby was going to be called "Summer", but due to a plot device, sorry incident, at Tower Hill, I think she'd be better off re-thinking the child's name.

Dawn's Waters BreakStepney or Debden has a nice ring to it. Or how about Toyah Upney Beyonce Emily?

The familar closing drum beat was preceded by Dawn wailing "Me waters have broke" and the camera panning down to a seat you certainly wouldn't want to sit on after she'd left. You can watch the highlights of the episode here.

Sadly, I'll miss Thursday's episode and will have to watch catch-up TV. But will this be the Tube's second carriage birth? Surely some more kids been born on Tube carriages since Mary Ashfield Eleanor Hammond (rumoured to be named Thelma Ursula Beatrice Eleanor) in 1924?

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