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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Boris sympathises with zombie commuters

A few weeks ago when we found out
Boris Johnson was standing for mayor, we were looking forward to seeing what his transport policies were going to be. Well in true bumbling Boris style he's come up with a rather poetic look at Tube travel. Yesterday he was accused of not taking his application form very seriously and a labour MP said "he thinks the whole think is a jape and that causes heaps of laughter amongst old Etonians". But when you get asked questions like "In no more than 600 words state the most important challenges facing London and explain how you would approach them in your role as Mayor", you must be hard pressed to not take a schoolboy approach.

Transport is one of his big challenges though and he said "I see the hollow-eyed look of people emerging from the Tube after anothe (sic) miserable experience"

Munch hollow eyed Commuter

Wondered if he was thinking of the Sean of the Dead poster or the above old Munch inspired ad from 1992?

So how will he deal with the challenges? By "recruiting the ablest people across London - of whatever political affiliation to formulate new policies for the core problems that effect our everyday lives". Although he seems to have got cut off in his prime or perhaps he'd reached his 600 word limit, as this page ends with "As Mayor of London it will be my job". Or perhaps he's so confident that he feels the job's in the bag! We shall see.

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