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Thursday, July 05, 2007

Central Line Train derailed

London Lite cover Central Line DerailmentEarlier today at 9.30am a train came off the rails in the East End, on the Central Line, between Bethnal Green and Mile End stations. A London Underground spokesperson said they were "looking into reports that there was an obstruction on the track....

"At this stage it appears that one passenger has suffered a minor injury to their foot. LU is putting in place well-practised plans to safely remove passengers from the train, and from a stalled train behind it. Both stations have been closed

TfL announced that by about 11am 700 people were taken off the derailed train , and one stuck behind it (although by this evening this figure was apparently 800 according to London Lite). They were walked down the track to Mile End station.

A number of the commuters thought it was a terrorist attack. One said "At first I thought it was a bomb because there was a loud bang and then smoke. The lady next to me started crying and said she lost a friend in 7/7. Some people started panicking and screaming. I was in the fourth carriage and people began running from the first carriage thinking there was going to be an explosion". However, emergency services ruled this out fairly quickly. Another passenger was also worried it was a terrorist attack "I just thought my time had come and my life flashed before me. Every time I am on the Tube, I worry about bombers". Interestingly we were discussing worrying (or not) about attacks on the Tube in light of the recent incidents, and I'm sure if you were on this train, there's no surprise you would be feeling like this.

Luckily major casualties were avoided as the train stayed upright during the derailment. The first emergency workers who arrived said it was a miracle that no one was killed or badly injured.

More details from the BBC

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