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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Three of a kind game

You've probably seen the set of ads in Tube carriages from the online casino company 888.com. One of my favourites and that I've been meaning to snap for a while is about trying to predict the next "three of a kind" who sit opposite you. "Three of a kind" in this case being men or women.

Three of a Kind - 888.com Tube Ad

Weird thing is that I rarely seem to sit opposite three men or three women in a row. Certainly not on the way into work. Coming home, I'm more likely to get the 'lads' or 'girls' night out there's something about a morning commute which means sexes are "shuffled" a bit more. Particularly when random strangers are concerned.

But perhaps it's just me. It's difficult to "prove" my theory, but I had a look at the Tube Eye Pool on flickr - which is the closest thing to vaguely regular photographic view of commuters I could think of. Of the last twenty pictures which had three or more people sitting in a row (with no spaces) only seven were "three of a kind". There were only two sets of three women amongst them, so even with my rubbish maths, that's fairly low odds of getting "three of a kind" made up of women.

Northern Line daze by slip slowly - a rare three chicks in a row

Try it on the way into work and, if you're lucky enough to get a seat, - see if you a) actually get to sit opposite a three in a row, and b) can correctly predict the sex of the next three in a row you get. If there are a lot three women in a row, my random control group above is completely bogus.

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