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Monday, February 11, 2008

Not on the London Underground

It's been a long time since I last uploaded pictures that you've seen of the Tube roundel not in its familiar home. So apologies to all of you who've sent them in. So, here's a bumper collection of the most obvious roundel rip-off's, from the ones I've been sent recently, starting with the UK and then moving overseas:

Spotted by
Bushboy1976 outside Sleaford Station.

roundel spotted at Sleaford Station by Bushboy1976

Continuing the snack theme, Geoff saw this in Cornwall, home of the pasty:

Taken by Geoff Marshall - Seen in Cornwall

Steve W spotted this in Stornaway, in the Highlands of Scotland, when he was on holiday:

Underground in Stornaway by Steve W

Moving overseas, Dan D saw Abbey Road in Korea

Abbey Road, Korea taken by Dan D

Stephen Karlson saw a roundel rip-off at a technology store in North Milwaukee Street, Milwaukee.

Milwaukee taken by Stephen K

John T photographed this in Adelaide. He said "The logo was on the side of a small tractor on a road construction site. Several workers also sported the same logo on their jackets."

Roundel spotted in Adelaide taken by John T

Jason L has recently moved from London to New Zealand. When visiting some people in Nelson, he saw the following store in a shopping mall in Richmond.

Roundel in Richmond, New Zealand taken by Jason L

Finally, back to Europe with this from Rick G taken at the "Nederlandse Modelspoordagen" ("Dutch Model Railway days"), a major Dutch model railway fair held annually at Rijswijk, just south of The Hague, the Netherlands.

Nederlandse Modelspoordagen taken by Rick G

Rick said "Liliput is a registered brand of model railway products. They are a subsidiary of Bachmann Europe, producers of (among others) the "Underground Ernie" line of toy trains. The Underground Ernie toys sport a Tube roundel with the text "Underground Ernie" on the box, so I assume they’ve been granted permission from TfL to use the roundel.

"The interesting thing is that the Liliput logo on the Bachmann website is totally different from the TfL roundel shown on the package in the photo. I wonder how this one made its way into the retail market? As I would imagine that Bachmann’s license to use the roundel does not extend beyond the "Underground Ernie" line of products, and would certainly not entitle them to skew the roundel for use on other brands, as appears to have been done here."

Many thanks to all above. If you have any roundel rip-off's that you've seen on your travels, please feel free to send them to me. The best will be blogged and added to the "Not on the London Underground" Flickr set (I'll try to do it at little faster next time).

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