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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Breakfast on Pluto Tube Quiz

I've just finished watching the DVD of
Breakast on Pluto which stars one of my favourite actors - the beautiful Cillian Murphy, one of my favourite directors - Neil Jordan (The Crying Game is one of my all time favourite films) and based on the novel by Patrick McCabe one of my favourite Irish authors. What's this got to do with the London Underground? Plenty. How many times can I get favourite into one sentence? Plenty.

The film is based in the 1970's and tells the story of Patrick "Kitten" Braden, growing up in Ireland and how he becomes a transexual, moves to London, gets involved with the IRA, is part of the 1970's Soho pub bombings, is the son of a Catholic priest and is in constant search for his real mother (and none of that's spoiling the plot). While he's in London there are lots of scenes on the London Underground, but it's a Tube of the Seventies, full of flares, platform heels, big taches & mad long hairstyles.

Where's Cillian now?

So I thought it might be fun to do a quiz based on the film.

There's are even a few small prizes. There's a surprise prize for each first person to get questions 4 or 6 correct. Plus a little prize for the person who is first to get the most correct.

1. Can you name the Tube Station that Cillian's character, Brendan, is at in the picture above?

2. Brendan is always looking for his real mother. He spots who he thinks is her on the Tube and chases after her but the doors close before he can reach her.

Which station is she getting on at?

Where's Cillian's 'Mum' getting on

3. This shot of Brendan watching his mother disappear is at what point in the YouTube clip of the film below?

Cillian Murphy missing a Tube train

4. Here's a selection of books from my favourite Irish authors. Name one (book or author) that is not mentioned somewhere in this blog?

Some of my Irish books

5. Actually, I made a mistake - one of the writers from the picture above was born in Ireland but did not spend most of their life there. Which one was it?

6. Where can you find my favourite Breakfast on Pluto picture? (NB: I'm actually looking for a precise link here)

You have a week to make your guesses and the competition closes at 11.59pm UK time on the evening of the 2nd April 2008. Please remember to leave an email address or at least a blog address if you wish to be in with a chance of winning, as I will need to contact the lucky people to get their prizes to them. Have fun!

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