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Friday, March 07, 2008

London Underground Fashion Victims

Fashion Victims on the Tube

It's Friday and time to get the Susannah & Trinny voices on as it's my look at London Underground Fashion Victims. People who have taken a style and made it their own or people who could be considered victims of fashion by following a trend regardless of how it looks on them.

This week - let's hear it for the boys after we returned from something I'm not allowed to blog about.

Japanese Look

Not quite a Fashion Victim

OK, this is one of my friends and not strictly a fashion victim as he knew I was taking the picture for the blog. In normal circumstances I would have been a bit more surreptitious as to how I took the picture, but for this one it was nice to be able to frame him and steady the camera before I shot it.

I love the tin of Roses held casually under his arm (and am only sorry I didn't eat more of them).

This particular friend has a habit of dressing up (almost over dressing) for events. Wearing this Japanese outfit makes him relaxed and I reckon he can carry it off. So he's managed to escape a full guilty sentence from the Fashion Police and it will be interesting to see how you reacted to him.

Sunglasses indoors

Ownership of more than one pair of specs should have you marked as a TFV.

Definite Fashion Victim

This guy is an out & out fashion victim. Someone's going to come on and say he's probably got cataracts or something which is why he's wearing his shades indoors. I say he's just a victim of fashion and needs to remember you often don't need sunglasses at the beginning of March, specially not when you're indoors.

The Mad Hatter

I have noooo idesa what's going on with this guy. James Cridland took this picture on the Tube on the way into work and said "The jacket's one thing. The hat quite another. Wow."

Definitely something

Wow, indeed, is about the only thing I can say too.

That's it for now. The previous victims can be found here and the complete picture gallery can be seen on the following Flickr set.

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