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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

TimeOut - So you think you know London Pub Quiz

We clearly didn't

I'm sorry to say that we really let the blogging side down at the TimeOut London Pub quiz last night. We did well in becoming the team to be best at being pants and we actually came first when it came to having the least points. So I'd like to thank our stellar team for taking part. Regular contributor Jon Justice, James Whatley from
Spinvox, Pete from the Londoneer, LondonFilmGeek, and representing fellow TimeOut best 50 listee Brian Pigeon - Lisa - his PR Agent.

Pub Quiz Table

Seriously though, when you are up against teams from The Museum of London (bloody intelligent bastards) & The Word Magazine, you know you're in for a hiding.

The Word Quiz Team

So I thought I'd share with you a photographic & videographic flavour of the night. Our table was waiting for us - oh yeah we agreed on The London Pigeon Collective, as our name.

Our Table

We first did the usual geeky thing of comparing mobile phones - although mine won for being so retro. James also did a video blog introduction.

Our "lucky" mascot had a go on a phone:

Our 'lucky' mascot on the phone

Although we got off to a good start. We didn't hold it. Sadly we couldn't even get top score on the "Victoria Line platform tiles round" for free beers - well actually we did, but lost out on the tiebreaker - "How many passenger journeys does the Victoria Line carry each year?" James Whatley took a video of that moment:

Anyway, I forget to say at the start that the quiz was to promote TimeOut Editor's Michael Hodges standing for London Mayor.

We were all given a stack of TimeOut's and Brian Pigeon's Agent Lisa, is seriously checking out the graphic novel inside, Don Pigeone.

Brian Pigeon's Agent will have words with Don Pigeone>

Our notes weren't helpful and towards the end we almost gave up. Wonder if you can guess what the questions were if you look at the second picture?

Our Rubbish Notes
We'd given up at this stage - wonder if you can guess what the questions were?

So we thought you'd like to see how you measure up and we took a photo of the picture round. Which means you can take part in the photo round of the quiz from the comfort of your computer screen.

Picture Round - Can you do better

Do you know the answers to the picture round? If so please leave in the comments below.

Many thanks to Tom Ellen at TimeOut for organising such a fab quiz (and for inviting us) and once again thanks to my fellow team members for making the evening a hysterically funny night.

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