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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

A London Commuter's Breakfast

I never eat a proper breakfast on weekdays, as I'm usually in too much of a rush and it's just a bad habit that I've got into. The photo below shows my "breakfast" this morning:

My weekday breakfast

I wonder how typical it is of most Londoners' breakfasts on weekdays? A cup of tea or coffee. A probiotic drinking yoghurt or something else that can be glugged down very quickly. I see people on the London Underground all time just drinking coffee or juice or Red Bull or Coke. A few people munch on a croissant or a pastry from a coffee shop. The odd person here or there might be lucky enough to have a bacon roll or sarnie.

The Guardian had an interesting supplement on Saturday which was a guide to The Bigger Breakfast

The Bigger Breakfast - Guardian Supplement

TimeOut did something similar last week. Sometimes I wish my breakfast looked more like the one above, but how many people can afford to have a lovely breakfast like that every day? The alternative is cafe or caff. The supplement looks at all sorts of places where you can get a good breakfast. There are loads of reviews from a couple of my London blogging & Flickr mates - Russell Davies & Malcolm Eggs (and his reviewers - who have some amazing names!). Both of these guys are really funny, have been blogging for years and they clearly have a love of food (in particular breakfasts). It made their reviews for The Guardian a great & fair read.

But help me out this morning. How typical is this breakfast cafe culture? Tell me what you had or are about to have for breakfast. Was this typical of your normal weekday breakfast? Did you make it yourself or did you buy it in a shop or cafe? Are you going to wait until you get into work and have breakfast at your desk? Does your employer have a canteen or do they provide a kitchen with free brekkie stuff & fruit (mine does) or do you have to bring in your own bread & cereals, jams or whatever? Ta muchly!

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