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Sunday, April 13, 2008

Mike Figgis' Soho Composites last day

Today's the last day of Mike Figgis' Soho Composites at the Photographers' Gallery.

Mike Figgis at the Photographers' Gallery

You may remember that I wasn't impressed with the last piece of Figgis' London content that I'd come into contact with. It was the rather strange "Considerate Londoners" film for Transport for London that was supposed to show how if Londoners thought about each other a bit more, the whole world - or at least the top deck of a London bus - would be a better place.

I wrote "I love Mike Figgis and thought that Leaving Las Vegas was amazing, but I really wasn't convinced by this film. I wonder how much artistic / creative licence Figgis was given for this, and whether the TfL powers that be turned it into a film made by committee..... It seems a waste of Figgis' talent specially as I bet he wasn't that cheap to hire."

Really pleased to say that Soho Composites was excellent. If you get a chance to go to the gallery today, it's well worth a visit.

"Well known for experimenting with the creative process, Figgis is spending one week prior to the public display intensively photographing in this central London location, and continuing during the week of the exhibition.

The images will be produced and printed on-site over the course of the week, in a temporary studio space within the gallery. These photographs will then be presented on the wall with Figgis adding and subtracting from the previous day's display

I was pleasantly surprised to see a certain book in the Photographers' Gallery bookshop next door:

One Stop Short of Barking in Photographers' Gallery Bookshop

Always nice to see something in a bookshop that you helped to produce (I was chief researcher for the book).

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