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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Tube Mice Spotting, Mayoral Elections and London Bloggers

Just got back from an excellent night out at the
monthly London Blogger's meet up at the Coach & Horses organised by Andy Bargery. On the way there I spotted a really top ad for the mayoral elections at Chancery Lane:

London Mayoral Election Ads at Chancery Lane

It's particularly effective because Chancery Lane on the Central Line has loads of mice running around on the tracks and I spent the next five minutes waiting for the delayed train, trying to take a picture of the little blighters. A guy next to me noticed what I was doing and said "But aren't they rats though". I said in full anorak mode, "That's a popular misconception but rats are at least double the size of these mice", and added "Don't you think the ad's good though?" He looked up and said "Yeah I spose it is but I was too busy watching you watching the mice".

Eventually, I managed to get a shot of a mouse just above the tissue on the picture below:

Mouse at Chancery Lane

It looks very unimpressive and I showed the guy next to me who asked me why I didn't video them. "Too much memory", I said, meaning it used up too much memory. He said "Well I bow to your superior knowledge of memory and Tube mice".

I then managed to squeeze myself into the train that arrived and wedged against everyone else made it to the Coach & Horses.

Trying to get on Crowded Tube

Had a really fun night and chatted about US blogs to Tom Reynolds who'd come on the basis of my last minute Twitters, Chris Applegate who'd done the same. Representing Londonist were Tiki Chris, Matt Brown & Dave. Graham from London Connections also updated me on the Bank Monument fracas and the fact that London Underground had seen it fit to actually produce a leaflet about the mess.

Nice chats too about Three & Out, blogger's integrity & selling out or not with Peter Marshall, Francine, Jaz from Shiny Red & Lisa from a blog that will remain nameless to protect her from she knows what. Also met for the first time the very lovely Malcolm Eggs from the London Review of Breakfasts who was much younger and slimmer than I had imagined. He'll be Nom, Nom, Nom 'ing with us later next month.

Apologies if I met you and left you out of the "roll call" above, but it was also nice talking to you and it's always good for me to see how new bloggers are finding all this blogging lark.

Later today I expect to learn how I can make at least half a million pounds from my blog. Prada, Orange, Kelloggs, Walls, Churchill, Kodak, Unilever anyone? I can't wait to hear about that that fab new club, CakeLimeFellowsElectricGalloo, that's opening in Shoreditch. Join me now! (No I'm not drunk)

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