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Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Tube Strike April 2008 - What might happen if it goes ahead

Firstly, let me say this post is not an April Fool. As you can imagine I've had A LOT of traffic to the blog with people trying to find out more about the
planned London Underground Strike for April 2008. It's currently set for 6.30pm on Sunday, April 6th 2008 running until 6.30pm on Wednesday, April 9th 2008. The strike action is proposed by members of the RMT and members of TSSA.

Richard is a regular commenter to my blog, is clearly in the know and makes the following speculations as to how the strike may or may not affect your journey:

"The RMT strike will go ahead. They couldn't possibly resolve eight issues in a few days even if they really wanted to.

If TSSA back down, as history would suggest they will, most stations will remain open and most trains will run. Station staff are allowed to work overtime and there will be sufficient numbers, along with managers to keep most open. To my knowledge, RMT members were balloted on whether they wanted to strike but not warned that it would be a 72-hour strike. This is only anecdotal but I've yet to speak to anyone who takes the RMT line on ALL these issues. I would expect a fair amount of dissent. Although there is a stigma about 'scabbing' I get the impression that staff feel very little reluctance these days to slag off the unions, whether or not they belong to one.

I think about one-third of tube drivers are in the RMT, about one-half in ASLEF, the remainder not in a union. Drivers are not allowed to work overtime so a striking RMT driver's train will have to be cancelled unless a 'spare' driver is available (every day there are some spare drivers booked to cover absence). But even if all the RMT drivers 'obey' the strike - which is highly unlikely - there shouldn't be a crippling impact on most lines.

Lots of passengers will expect the worst so you may even have a bit more room than usual even though the intervals between trains will be greater.

I should add that a lot of station supervisors are in TSSA. If they walk out then there will be problems!

I think they are very useful tips. If BOTH TSSA & RMT unions don't back down or London Underground aren't able to come to an agreement with both - there will be serious problems across the whole Tube system. If it's just the RMT, less so, but it's still not going to be pretty.

But as usual with any London Underground industrial action, please look at TfL's website to see the actual disruptions that are taking place on the day. I know that many of us will need to plan ahead and I'll try to keep you as updated as far as I possibly can too. Thanks.

- The Tube Strike has now been called off.

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