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Friday, May 02, 2008

Playing Cards with the Tube

Cards featured a lot in my day yesterday. At lunchtime I went off to see Channel4 for a work and play related event. I'm soooo lucky that my day job has quite a lot of resonances with my blogging life and it means I get to combine the two.

My Channel 4 Badge

Someone at the event made exactly the same comment, but she felt that only two people in the world read both of her blogs, as the things she did at work and play were very unrelated.

On the way back, I sheltered in the rain and stood gazing up at the London Underground Head Office (which is really close to Channel 4's office). I was sheltering under the canopy of the Met Police's head office (they're all really close to each other, near St James's Park Tube Station, so I use them as landmarks).

It was weird though because I'd never noticed the flag flying from their building before. Maybe it always has been or maybe it was something to do with elections.

London Underground Headquarters

I was a little too close to their front door and was taking a picture - obviously making me a terrorist. The nice policeman on the door asked me what I was doing. I told him. He said "Fine, can you just move over a bit as you're blocking the entrance. Nasty weather isn't it." Then we had a bit of a chat about how pants it was one minute and how sunny then next. I never thought I'd hear myself saying this, but he rocked!

Coming home last night I saw the perfect example of the extreme ends of Tube commuters. There's those that try to hide behind their papers and never look at anyone wanting to get the journey over with as quickly as possible. Then those that use the long journey as a way of getting other stuff done and an extension of their bedroom, office, living room, whatever. The two below definitely fell into the latter category:

Card Playing on the Tube Playing Cards on the Tube

They were engrossed in their game of cards and seemed to be taking their playing very seriously.

Anyway time for me to get ready for work now. I've got a busy busy day and then tonight I'm off to see Iron Man with some blogging mates. Sizemore, Jess, Tiara Diamond (may not be safe for some offices), Whatleydude & L J see you all later.

Oh and if anyone wants to know how Bolli my newly acquired cat is doing, as you can see below he's demanding breakfast and doing well

Feedz Me, Feedz Me now

You would not believe how much this cat can eat. He acts as though he's starving most of the time and would seriously eat all day if I let him.

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