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Thursday, May 08, 2008

Please help out a fellow blogger

Britain Going Blog Crazy from Jan 2006 no idea what the figure is now - Metro Article

I've just spent about ten minutes completing quite a fun questionnaire about blogging. Normally ten minutes on a questionnaire is a little too long for me but I was attracted by the following email that was sent to me:


I've recently come to realise that blogging – which is to say, the way people blog and the reasons people blog and the things people blog about - is a complicated and profound and endlessly fascinating thing. So, because I'm an inquisitive beast, I've compiled a questionnaire about that very thing and I'd be honoured and thrilled if you'd fill it in for me.

If I don't know you personally by the way, it doesn't mean I don't want to. For the moment, I'm probably virtual friends with one of your other virtual friends. I did a little two-degree roll-trawling to get what I hoped would be a willing sample. Fingers crossed.

Of course, if you'd rather have your corneas scraped with poison arrows than answer a bunch of questions about your private blog habits, then please delete this email at once and I'm genuinely sorry to have bothered you.

If you do fancy it however, splendid! All information proffered will be treated with complete confidentiality and all results will be attributed anonymously. Unless of course, you tell me something particularly juicy, in which case I will contact you and ask your permission to single you out for special praise.

Oh, this is fun already.

Right. The survey is here:


Feel free to circulate.....





I thought the questionnaire got a little too long. I won't tell you how many questions there are, as it might put you off, but if you aren't doing a number of things that it asks, ie if you don't have a stat counter, don't carry ads, don't have affiliate links, don't have an RSS feed enabled, haven't had sex as a result of your blog, haven't had a relationship with someone as a result of your blog and don't have comments enabled on your blog, you can skip a lot of the questions.

As I have or have done all of the above it took me a full ten minutes to answer. So if you have a blog give it a go if you fancy it, as it will get you thinking about all sorts of things about why you blog and why you carry on blogging and also asks the questions in a fairly fun way. If you don't have a blog, skip to something else on this blog that takes your fancy.

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