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Thursday, May 08, 2008

Reading Morning Papers on the London Underground - what do you read?

Yesterday morning I went to a
breakfast seminar which had some fascinating speakers. Anyone who knows me well knows that I'm not a great morning person and I generally don't like breakfast meetings or seminars as I think, why not just do them at a time when people are a bit more awake. However, this was worth me leaving my house at 7.30am. (as it was I didn't get there till 8.45am but that's a whole other story and will be the subject of a Customer Charter Refund form to TfL)

Reading Morning papers on the Tube

Because I got a much earlier train than normal there were loads of school kids and teenagers on my train.

The guy that you can see in the picture above was reading Metro and I've always banged on about the best thing about Metro and the free sheets is that they actually get teenagers and kids reading newspapers. Some people respond to me and say "ah but they only read the gossip, TV and sports sections". I say "well at least that's something". But in reality I actually think they read way more than that.

The teenager in front of me was reading the cover story about the tragic cyclone in Burma. He also proceeded to read the rest of the paper. Other teenagers around me were reading stuff about Pete Doherty mixed in with stuff about the American elections, Boris Johnson, a gun seige in London, Britney Spears seeing her kids and a whole lot of other stuff from yesterday's papers.

Mixed amongst the Metro readers (the majority of people in my carriage were reading the Metro) were The Sun readers (most males over 30) and the odd broadsheet reader.

So indulge me for a moment if you would. What paper do you read on your morning commute into work? And if you want to say roughly how old you are, that might help to prove or disprove my theory about Metro meaning that more teenagers are reading papers. Thanks!

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