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Saturday, May 10, 2008

Tube Booze Ban Party Planned for 11th May

I saw this earlier this morning on the Londonpaper's website, which for some strange reason I can't seem to access now, so just as well I took a screengrab.

Protestors against ban on booze - London Paper Screengrab

"Protesters against the ban on booze on London's public transport will gather this weekend to demonstrate against the new law.

The 'Anti-Boris Party' will take place at Trafalgar Square from 1pm on Sunday.

Facebook group 'Boris won't ban my booze!' – which was set up during the London Mayoral Election – is being used to advertise the city protest.

London student Beth Powell, on behalf of the Student Revolt Against Boris Johnson, posted the invitation to 'Drink as much as you want' during the eight-hour "party".

The article did not link to the Facebook Groups but if you want to see them, Here's the "Boris won't ban my booze" group which is not affiliated with the Student Revolt Against Boris Johnson Group which the Londonpaper article might lead you to believe.

Here's what the "Boris won't ban my booze" group have to say "Drinking on the tube in London is an institution of night time revelry. With vast distances to travel across London from house to pub or pub to club, a top-up is necessary for saving both time and money. The proposal is misguided, ineffective and serves only to victimise responsible tube-riding drinkers such as ourselves."

I have no idea how many people will turn up to students' protest / party. I imagine it will be crawling with police. It'll be interesting to see how this is reported on Monday.

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