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Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Remains of Glastonbury on the Tube

Looks like Glastonbury's over then! After tripping over rucksack strings getting out of the London Underground on Thursday and Friday & gagging on the smell on of the many newly box-fresh designer Wellingtons, all I had to face was this beauty yesterday:

Back from Glastonbury on the Piccadilly Line

Seems like "peace, love & harmony" has made it into the 21st century with this lovely retro "Flower Power" looking luggage tag. Although I must admit I would have felt much more love and harmony to the woman carrying it, if she had forgotten she was on a Tube, made a sharp twisty movement and almost knocked me out with her rucksack when she left the train.

People with ridiculously large rucksacks on the Tube has always been a particular bug bear of mine and made it into my
Tube Etiquette page years ago.

You might remember the Tropicana advert on daily challenges a Londoner faces, which I used to illustrate my point:

Tropicana ad from Banks Hoggins O'Shea FCB - photography by Dean Marsh

What I said then still stands today

"Now I know that many of you reading this are tourists and are planning to use the Tube as a cheap form of travel to and from airports and to railway stations to get you out of London and into the country.

But nothing annoys people more than ruck sacks the size of mini camper vans strapped to people's backs. Particularly when those people suddenly think they ought to be auditioning for the ballet and start doing pirouettes in the middle of a carriage.

If you're going to turn around with one of those great things on your back the chances are, if you're travelling in the rush hour, someone will be very close behind you and won't appreciate having a piece of canvas, Goretex or whatever smashed into their face. Give us poor daily commuters a break and try and travel outside of the rush hour with your backpack

I know it isn't always possible to travel outside of the rush hour, but you won't get so many glares from regular commuters if you do.

Please feel free to share large rucksack or large luggage on the Tube stories or comment - perhaps I'm being an old misery about this. But when half your journey is on the Piccadilly Line which has just come from or going to Heathrow Airport you'll know what I mean.

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