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Friday, August 01, 2008

Drunks on Trains & Mobile Geeks of London

Coming home late from
Mobile Geeks of London last night, I bought a bagel at Waterloo and hopped onto a Richmond bound train home. I was tired and virtually sleeping as I was munching my bagel with my eyes closed. Was woken up by a bloke saying loudly "Have a good chomp there girl". I looked up to see a bloke sitting opposite me, very red faced and sucking loudly on a lollipop.

I carried on eating and tried to read my paper. "Enjoying that are you?". "Oh please shut up" I thought and nodded to show that I had sort of acknowledged him.

"Are you a probation officer?" he said, still sucking the lollipop. At this point I had to stop him. No one calls me a probation officer and gets away with it.

"Why do I look like a probation officer?" I asked wearily.
"Cos you're wearing boots".
I wasn't, it was fooking hot, I don't wear boots in the summer time. (see today's Tube Fashion Victim post)
"Oh no you're not are you?" he said. I was wearing cropped jeans. "They just looked like boots for a bit". That's because he was way more wazzed than I was.

He then asked me if the guy sitting opposite me with his head buried into a Blackberry was my "fella". "No he's not" I said even more wearily.

"Well he should be he's a handsome bloke" he then turned to the guy and said "You are you're a handsome bloke". He turned back to me "He is isn't he?". Oh Jesus please shut up and continue to suck your lollipop and leave us in peace, I thought. "He's alright", I replied.

He then got bored with me and asked the "handsome bloke" why he was typing into his BlackBerry. I closed my eyes and thanked my lucky stars he was more interested in bloke with the BlackBerry.

BlackBerry bloke handled him well, by saying he was a sad geek to be typing so much at that time of night, but it was just what he did. Lollipop drunk bloke seemed to think that was OK and then talked at all of us about where were getting off (We ignored him) and that Virginia Waters was rubbish as he bet we were getting off at Virginia Waters (we weren't).

Actually, all three of us got off at Richmond but fortunately Lollipop drunk bloke got up quite early to ramble to people further down the carriage. We made a last minute exit hoping he wasn't going collar us again at Richmond.

Other than that Mobile Geeks of London was a fun night full of Geeks taking photos of each other and a surprise appearance by Brian May!

Josh Russell

The Brian May 2

A few more photos here and I hope that no one else accuses me of looking like a probation officer today!

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