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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

London Olympic Sports for the Tube

While we're all shocked at Team GB doing so well in the Olympics (We seem to be good at sitting down sports - rowing and cycling and BMX'ing), I thought it might be interesting to see what London or rather London Underground sports that we might excel at when the Olympics comes here in 2012.

Brompton on the Piccadilly Line

So cycling, yes we appear to be good at cycling. BMX'ing we're tipped to win another Gold. But why not have races in Brompton cycling? You'd have to unassemble your bike and get all your rucksacks & stuff together while leaping off a Tube train in the fastest possible time.

Tug of War? That would be a good sport to re-introduce. How many times have you seen people pulling their bags and cases from the lock tight closing doors on the Tube?

Please don't hold the doors open

It takes Hurculean strength to open the doors when they're shut. I've seen some pretty strong commuters on the Tube doing this.

Strap Hanging or that gymnastic thing where you hang yourself from rings on the end of ropes. We'd be good at that.

Subway handle by London Annie

We might even get some branded Olympic strap hangers like the ones London Annie saw in Beijing (pictured above)

We could even introduce "hanging upside down bat-like from the Tube poles in weird boots" to the games

That would make for some err ... interesting viewing.

Any other ideas for typically London or London Underground sports (like the hurdles Jon suggested above) which would give us a fighting chance of doing well in the Olympics, much appreciated.

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