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Friday, September 19, 2008

New York Subway Fashion Victims

It's Friday and time for the SFV's - that's Subway Fashion Victims. As I'm in New York it's a look at commuters on the Subway, rather than the Tube or London Underground who have "taken a style and made it their own"!

As I said at a speaking thing I did on blogging for
Fishburn Hedges about two weeks ago, this is a section that people either love or hate, there seems to be no mid ground with the Fashion Victims. Alex Pearmain from the agency told me that I'd created a mood of paranoia in their office after my talk as the women were all scared they'd appear on here one week. One lady who lives at Turnham Green was particularly worried, as it's a Tube station I pass through every day!!

Anyway, I had to be a bit more careful with the SFV's. After all I was this strange Brit in the Big Apple, who still doesn't really know the Subway rules and I imagine that "taking pictures of people in slightly dodgy outfits on the Subway" isn't too high up on the list for how to make friends and influence people out here. But in the interests of people who love this section and have actually been emailing me to say they can't wait to see the New York Subway Fashion Victims - here goes:

Trust Me I'm Irish

It's still T Shirt weather in New York and in the main T-shirts and jeans seems to be what the vast majority of folks on the trains are wearing. This one wasn't taken on the subway but at New Rochelle station, where I'm staying (no, I'm not staying at the station - you know what I mean).

"Trust Me I'm Irish" at New Rochelle

He was heading into New York City though, so it counts. I particularly liked how he's got all the "green thang, going on". Green shamrock, green trackie bottoms and green bag. Yep, you're doing the "I'm proud of my Irish roots" with gusto.

Rules to this game T-Shirt

Boarding Train at New Rochelle

I mentioned not knowing the subway rules yet and I like the guy with the black T-shirt. He's doing the baggy low slung jeans thing, but as he's a little on the larger side he's covered up his non-skinny "ass" with a long T-shirt with a slogan on the base.

Chucks on the Subway

It almost wouldn't be a fashion victim post without some Converses. Thanks to doing these posts I'm actually a massive Cons convert and am probably going to head off to Famous Footwear or somewhere similar to see if I can bag some bargains.

Converse All Stars on the New York Subway

Converses and Nikes seemed to be the most common Subway footwear and I like how this guy's mixing them with some nicely worn & frayed combat looking shorts.

Super baggy & Super long shorts

Speaking of shorts - here's some that don't work:

Yankees Socks - New York Metro Escalator

It's that extra long extra baggy plaid shorts look which I know is really common in the US and is sadly making its way over to the UK too. I just think it makes guys look like oversized toddlers.

The Norman Rockwell Americana Look

Finally, I had to capture this old guy because he had such a mix of looks, it was great. It was sort of God Bless America, meets Uggs, meets American Gothic meets Kmart.

USA Fashion on New York Subway

The guy was in his late sixties I reckon, yet the bag and the Uggs are straight up millenial, so he's doing his best to keep bang up to date. Bless him. He rocked.

That's it for now for the "victims" in New York. Weirdly Alberto from Unltdworld who's over from the UK told me at Wine 2.0 last night that he saw one my fashion victim pictures on display on a Flickr stream of pictures in a cafe in New York City. It was of one of my favourite victims Elvis the pug dog - my first canine fashion victim:

Elvis the Canine Tube Fashion Victim

I'm soooo pleased that the little fellow has made it over here.

Until next time the previous fashion victim post is here and the complete picture gallery of all the TFV's can be seen on the following Flickr set. Plus a few pictures from Wine 2.0 at Webster Hall in New York City (will blog about this later) & Grand Central "No sitting rule" being broken!

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