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Monday, November 17, 2008

Tube Mirror, Tube Mirror on the wall

When Amy Winehouse and Pete Doherty next fall out of the newly re-opened Hawley Arms, you might be pleased to hear that they can check out their pasty faces in a London Underground map mirror.

Tube Mirror in Hawley Arms taken by Andy

It's in the corridor downstairs on the way to the toilets of the Camden pub, the home of such stars as Ms Winehouse, Mr Doherty & Mr Borrell out of Razorlight.

Many thanks to Andy for braving the pub to take the picture & send it to me.

I almost bought this mirror on eBay once (SuckUK sold out of their stock a while back). But in the end thought that £60 was a bit much & also didn't want to have Old Street sticking out of my right eye all the time.

I settled on the much smaller & affordable pocket sized one, which I've actually never unboxed and will probably end up as someone's Xmas present.

London Underground map pocket mirror

Thinking about it, I bet some of the Hawley regulars can find a fair few other uses for this credit card sized mirror. So perhaps it should be in their back pockets too.

However, if you fancy getting a similar reflection to the wasted and famous in The Hawley Arms, you can buy the full sized mirror Tube map online at various places including iwantoneofthose.com.

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