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Monday, December 22, 2008

Blurb Book Winners

Thanks to everyone who entered the
Future of the Book competition earlier this month. It followed a session that me, Billy Abbott and Chris Meade ran at Amplified08 on the Future of the Book and an interesting debate at Channel 4 on the Future of Reading.

Tate Book Bag on the Tube

Blurb very kindly donated five £20 vouchers for people to create their own books. All you had to do was tell us why you'd like a Blurb book and what you would do with it.

It was a tough call for Blurb to choose, as the entries were all really good. However, drum roll, the winners are:

Sara Maternini - "I would love to make a cook book from my blog (http://saramaternini.com/kitchenpantry/), or even a travel book, of all the travel we made and wrote about! And I even started a new food blog, in Italian and it will be cool to get a book even out of that one."

Robert MacIntosh - "What a great idea - I've toyed with simple photo book ideas but I have often wondered about putting together a book of my wine photos of Rioja with my thoughts on the region from my blog http://wineconversation.com/ - like a printed blog I guess.

However, I was also intrigued by the idea of publishing my grandfather's memoirs so my kids can read them. He wrote a lot during his life and collected loads of photos, but never completed the task.

Wonder if I'm truly creative enough? I guess there is only one way to find out

Gaetan Lee - "Well the best bit about user generated books is the variety of content that could be put into a book.

I have been tinkering with the idea of making up some photo books from my flickr stream www.flickr.com/photos/gaetanlee for ages... mainly as a ego-gift to myself.

However, if I was to make a book about 3-4 years ago I travelled around the world in a six month get away from life... during which time I stopped and stayed in USA/Fiji/New Zealand/Australia/Singapore/Japan - http://gaetanlee.blogspot.com/

The problem is that both of these would be probably private ventures.. I would need to think a bit more carefully about a more 'public' book for sale... I have a feeling that are quite a few photo books out there... so I would have to think of something original.

Melinda Seckington - "I would love to make a book of my blog and photos
My blog: http://missgeeky.com
My photos: http://www.flickr.com/photos/mseckington/

If I ever had more time, I would make a book of my mother's recipes. She's got tons of different recipes, that I still can't "recreate" myself and I would love to make this book together with her.

Benjamin Ellis - "The Blurb stuff looks wonderful! Over the last few years I've been blogging about productivity (some of that is here). I've noticed that the biggest productivity problem is that we tend to procrastinate. I've even been putting of writing this comment!

Well, what better way to procrastinate than by looking at photographs. So I though I might make a book from my posts and from the photos from my Flickr stream that others seem to like. That way I could give people something that would let them procrastinate whilst they learnt not to procrastinate. If you see what I mean

Congratulations to all and you'll receive an email later today with your voucher. You'll have plenty of time to make your books over the Christmas holidays and we'd love to see the finished books. Thanks again to Blurb for the prizes.

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