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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Simon Cowell on the Tube ... err Subway

I'm a big American Idol fan, but unfortunately haven't got round to watching the auditions on TV in the UK yet. However, regular reader 49erDweet watched it last week and has a brilliant story of one of the auditions:

Scott Macintyre wears Subway T shirt

"I just watched the US season premiere of American Idol - we Tivo'd it a day earlier - and almost choked when Simon Cowell - ostensibly the best known Brit in America - couldn't remember what to call the London Underground.

A young, blind contestant, Scott MacIntyre, came onto the show - the very last contestant of the two hour premiere - wearing a white "Mind The Gap" T shirt. During the interview he said he wore the shirt in honour of Simon. Cowell nodded for a moment and then said,
"Oh yes, the subway right?". There was a little more to it but we were laughing so hard we may have missed it. Shaking our heads. Unbelievable. It was obvious he couldn't remember the name of "The Tube" and simply substituted the standard North American term.

A copy should be sent to the Queen so she can start the process of revoking his peerage and citizenship, because regardless of the accent, he's obviously now a Yank

You can play the video here to judge for yourself, but maybe 49erDweet was being a bit harsh on Cowell, as he could have just been saying "subway" so the US viewers would understand what the roundel meant.

Either way it's funny Cowell has become fairly Americanised. He probably couldn't even remember the last time he went on the Tube and maybe genuinely had to dredge the familiar symbol from the recesses of his mind.

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