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Friday, March 06, 2009

New Tube Map Cover & Carrying Large Objects

Strangely TfL have broken the theme of using an image with Tube line colours for the new London Underground map cover, which came out a day or so ago. The new cover features a Troubadour struggling under his instrument.

New Tube Map Cover - March 2009

I wonder if this is supposed to be a tribute to buskers or generally people struggling with large objects on the Tube.

Chris Vallance from BBC Radio 4's iPM, emailed me yesterday with the following question:

"Ever tried to get a double bass onto a train at rush hour? On the way to an interview yesterday I witnessed an unfortunate young musician attempt just that - I rather think she may have heard a few F# from people she'd made Bflat. So what's the oddest, largest thing you've ever seen taken on public transport?"

It's a good question. I travel on the Piccadilly Line every day and have seen people with fairly giant sized suitcases struggling with them on the Tube. But it's not really that odd.

Large Luggage

I seem to see a number of people with computer monitors, but they're not that large or odd either.

Computer Green Park Computer Couple

In Germany a guy was spotted trying to carry an extremely large dog on an escalator.

Dogs must be carried

So I'm sure you can top the above, what's the largest or weirdest thing you've ever seen anyone carrying on the Tube or public transport?

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