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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Tube Escalator ads

This morning I saw my first ad running down the middle of the escalators at Tottenham Court Road London Underground station. As you can see from the hastily caught shot, I don't mean on the escalators steps themselves, but on the middle section - the bit that drunken guys occasionally try to slide down.

Wolverine Escalator ad at Tottenham Court Road Tube

It's an ad for the film Wolverine and shows Wolverine's claw marks running the length of the escalator, as though he'd been having a try at drunkenly sliding down it himself.

It's funny that there haven't been more inventive uses of escalator ads on the Tube. This became more apparent as I came across a blog post the other day dedicated to creative escalator ads.

Three of my favourites are below. One for Pantene uses the middle section like Wolverine.

Pantene escalator ad

Another hair related one used the teeth on the escalator to try to mirror the teeth on a comb for a Head & Shoulders ad.

Head & Shoulders ad

There's also a pretty scary one for American coal miners where it looks like you might be falling into a huge pit at the end of your journey.

Consol Energy Ad
Shame we're not as creative with our escalator adverts as advertising agencies overseas.

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