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Thursday, May 14, 2009

If the Tube were on Twitter

The Bay Area Rapid Transit system, otherwise known as San Francisco's BART have taken social networking & Twitter to their hearts. Each week they are scouring Twitter (the micro blogging service where people say what's happening to them) to find out
what people are doing while travelling on BART. They said "While they're on BART they're gaming, crocheting, listening to music, reading and people-watching."

Boris Johnson Fail Whale by whoknowswherethoughtscomefrom

Thanks to Ianvisits for giving me the heads up to this. He thought I might think it was "horrific or quite clever". I quite like this idea as it's come up with some great views of commuting including:

"Old gordon gecko dude missed bart by 30 seconds...and was FURIOUS. We're indoors! Remove your sunglasses!"

"Just saw man on Bart with shoes that have toes, no kidding, they are made by vibram? Sorry can't take pic- Then I will look like the crazy 1"

"I wonder if the guy across from me on bart meant to dress like a lumberjack on purpose?"

"A lady on BART is watching a horror movie in her laptop with the sound on full blast! She needs to get some headphones."

The BART also appears to be a bit smelly:

"Why does it always smell so strongly of bacon at my Bart station?"

"Today's BART ride smells like... ... ...Like mashed peas and carrots. yes, Baby food."

I'm sure someone with more technical ability that me could compile a feed or widgety tool that carries all Tweets featuring the Tube. If anyone fancies doing this, let me know and I'll put in on the blog. Not sure if the London Underground would be brave enough to do it themselves, as I reckon most of our Tube related tweets would be about delays and problems on the lines.

BTW if you want to follow me on Twitter I'm here - I can't say I do many Tube related Tweets mainly because I'm underground for half of my journey & can't use my mobile.

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