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Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Talks to avert Tube strike break down

Looks like hopes of
next week's strike on the London Underground being called off are slim, as Bob Crow said "Industrial relations with TfL and LUL have completely broken down". The union leader accused TfL of "rank hypocrisy" in rejecting rejecting a 5% pay rise request while paying 123 TfL managers more than £100,000 a year.

The RMT's recent press release states "The pay figures show that five TfL/LUL chiefs earn more than a quarter of a million pounds a year plus bonuses. Fifteen TfL bosses, including the director of marketing, earn more than the Prime Minister."

Tube Cuts 1,000 Jobs

Despite Crow's claims of completely broken down relations, TfL say they are still ready to talk at any time to try to avert the strike. A spokesperson said "Rather than pay cuts, TfL's offer actually guarantees LU employees real pay increases each year for the next five years - few Londoners can claim the same level of security.

"It has already been announced that TfL senior managers will see their salaries frozen this year.

"The RMT leadership should start talking to us rather than threatening strike action that is supported by less than 30% of their membership, will lose their members pay and will cause unnecessary frustration and disruption to Londoners

Who knows there may be a last minute break through, but it's unlikely, so get prepared for 48 hours of no Tube from 7pm on Tuesday 9th June, running through to 7pm on Thursday 11th June.

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