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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Watch out for children on the Tube

Were the staff at Covent Garden Tube trying to say something about the size of children coming through the station?

Children & Luggage use large gate taken by Tom W

Tom W spotted this on Monday and also heard the following announcement from the driver of a District Line train: "The next station is Victoria. Change here, surprisingly for the Victoria line, Victoria coach station and suburban rail services. Making sure you take all belongings, luggage and children with you when leaving the train".

Joking aside, some of you probably heard about the child that actually slipped through the gap on the London Underground last week, but was fortunately rescued by a commuter.

Metro managed to find the 'guardian angel' who originally just disappeared after rescuing the four year old at Acton. Tochukwu Mokah said "The mum was screaming. She had already got on to the train and I could hear the train doors trying to close. I lay on the platform and put my hands in the gap. I knew I had to get him out – he was on the track."

It is amazing that you don't hear of more children falling through the gaps. There are obviously lots of "Mind the Gap" announcements, signs and warnings on the platform, but there seems to be little advice or signage about keeping children close by on the Tube or even holding their hands when you get on the Tube with them. A lot of kids I see are quite over excited when they travel on the London Underground. I've also seen a couple of instances of kids who are dawdling being left behind by their parents as the sliding doors close.

Has anyone else seen any signs aimed at kids on the Tube? Or have you seen any particularly unruly kids & wished there were some signs for them?

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