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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Bizarre stuff left on the Tube showcased

Transport for London's Lost Property Office is
celebrating its 75th birthday with a public showcase of some of the more unusual items left on the London Underground & London's buses. Weirdly people have left behind (and not claimed) a park bench, WWII gas masks, a stuffed fox, a puffer fish, a lawnmower and even a home vasectomy kit.

7,000 umbrellas handed in each year

Umbrellas are amongst the most common things left behind. However, laast year the most commonly forgotten objects were books (36,852), bags (28,550) and items of clothing (27,174). It was also interesting to see that a quarter of a million pounds worth of luxury watches have been among the office's items. If they're not claimed within three months they go to charity or are auctioned.

The Lost Property Office is at Baker Street, and they make the most of their famous fictional neighbour Sherlock Holmes. The computer system used to log all the lost items is called 'Sherlock'

The Lost Property office manager Julie Haley said that any personal data left on an item will see it kept permanently though, and she advised the public to always check with them.

"I know some people think if they have lost something on public transport they will never get it back," she told Sky News.

"But I would like to encourage them to give us a call. You never know - we might just have it here."

A pair of breast implants were successfully re-united with their owner.

Fortunately I've never left anything much more than a cardigan, jacket and loads of umbrellas behind on the Tube. Funnily enough someone left a pair of designer glasses on a bench at Hammersmith Tube this morning & I hope they made their way back to the owner. Have you ever left something and got it back from the lost property office? What's the weirdest thing that you've found or handed into staff?

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