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Friday, October 16, 2009

Another Tube door trap & staff behaviour

Last week there was an incident where a man was dragged along a platform as his
rucksack was stuck in a Tube train door, and now this week, blogger, Jonathan MacDonald has filmed a scene where an elderly man was treated rudely by Tube staff for also getting stuck in doors. Thanks to Whatleydude for alerting me to this.

Jonathan explains the situation in full, but after he was stuck as he was slow to get off a faulty train, he tried to get back onto this next train and the following scene happened:

I'm sure that a Tube staff will jump to the defence of the two staff members, but it's at times like this, I really despair. This comes just after we get an announcement of fare rises and possible Tube strikes. Not only do passengers have to put up with expense & inefficiency but abuse as well.

UPDATE - There's been a big reaction to the video on Twitter this morning - with "Holborn" (where it all happened) and "TfL" top trending. The Telegraph were the first media outlet to pick up on this - good for them! Now Boris Johnson has Tweeted that he finds the video appalling and will get TfL to investigate urgently.

Boris Johnson appalled by video

Hopefully there will be a full statement from TfL on this.

UPDATE - TfL have made the following comment for now on the YouTube page "We are appalled by the scene captured in this video and will investigate thoroughly and urgently what took place and what led to it. We do not tolerate members of the public being abusive to our staff but neither will we tolerate members of our staff abusing members of the public."

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