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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Subway stops inches from drunk woman on tracks

It's coming up to the time of year where you'll see a number of posters on the Tube, warning people about being careful when drunk. Although the video below (thanks to
Richjm for finding it) wasn't on the London Underground, it would be an amazing ad to get people to watch their step.

Fortunately all the people on the platform in Boston had the sense to madly wave at the train as it was coming into the station. That coupled with the quick reflexes of the driver, saved this drunk woman from a horrible accident.

The female train driver said "I saw the people, the people were waving. That's normal after a game. The people were waving, but they were waving a little bit too much and they were really, really close to the yellow line, which they are not supposed to be. So that's obviously telling me 'slow your train down, slow your train down'.

"Then as I'm approaching, the lady pops her head up, and I'm like 'Oh my God, someone's in the pit'. So I just threw it in emergency, exactly what I'm supposed to do. And it stopped just in time not to hurt her
." More information on what happened over on Channel 4 News's site.

Be careful after drinking by bixentro

I wonder if it would be too scary for the London Underground to show videos like this on the network? I suppose their rather sanitised images of shaky stick figures or shaky words do the job. Then again if you were as drunk as this woman & standing on the edge of a platform, nothing's likely to stop you from falling onto the track.

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