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Thursday, April 01, 2010

Circle Line cooled by Large Hadron Collider?

According to the
Independent the London Underground have been approached by particle physicists to install supercooled magnets and collision detectors at strategic positions on the Circle Line. Cern believes it build a successor to the Large Hadron Collider within the Circle line by 2020.

Circle Line by oskarlin

"Although there are still considerable technical problems to overcome, such as a geo-magnetic "kink" in the circuitry at Edgware Road station, Cern is quietly confident that it will be able to convince London Underground of the merits of the scheme, which should result in the first air-conditioned underground line as a spin-off of installing supercooled magnets below ground. The idea was initially mooted in the mid-1980s as an alternative site to the 27km tunnel below Geneva but the idea was dropped."

Mmmm! The Independent article first published yesterday, claims to have talked to a a spokesman for London Underground who said the proposal 'is not as foolish as it first seems: "It has merits." '

Judge for yourself whether a Professor Lari Polof or Doctor Olaf Priol was involved in the discussions which "would mean that two beams of protons would be travelling in clockwise and counterclockwise directions at 99.999999 per cent of the speed of light, within feet of Circle line passengers stuck in perpetual immobility."

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