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Monday, July 19, 2010

Super hero uses elbows to cool Tube

Following on from last week's announcement that the budget to cool Tube carriages on the London Underground has been
slashed by £10m, a drinks company, have decided to make a stunt around this by creating FanMan.

Emmi FanMan cools down a woman on the tube - Photo David Parry/PA
Photo: David Parry

It might look like FanMan is about elbow the woman in the face, but apparently he has cooling equipment in his sleeves.

Apparently the Emmi FanMan, is a six-foot fan-wielding super-hero, using "state of the art technology to blast those around him with a refreshing jet of cool air" . Look out for him on the Tube in the next few days.

Emmi FanMan said "I’m just someone who wanted to make a difference. In a world where heat exhaustion, dehydration and profuse sweating are rife I knew I couldn’t just stand by and watch any longer. Commuting is an exhausting business but coupled with the crippling heat of a packed tube carriage it becomes unbearable. I’m there for people in their time of need."

FanMan’s helpers will also be handing out cold Emmi Caffe Latte at several Tube station entrances.

Let's hope they focus on the Piccadilly, Northern, Central, Bakerloo and Waterloo and City lines, as these lines are marked as high risk on a LU "Passenger heat strain" map. They're the lines that are the highest risk to people should they become stuck on a stalled train.

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