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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Tube Daydreaming turned into art

We all day dream on the London Underground. There's plenty of time when you're paper-less, book-less or iPod-less to stare into space. So, now
Art on the Underground have commissiond Daria Martin to produce some artworks based on the simple question "What have you been daydreaming about on the Tube?"

Tube people 4
Tube people 4 by Ben Hammersley

"Travelling underground, or spending any length of time there, is not a natural human inclination. Martin wanted to find out to what extent people travelling on the Tube use self imposed psychological tricks on themselves as a distraction from the reality of being under the ground. It seems that one thing people do is to mentally transport themselves elsewhere, into the realms of fantasy." said Art on the Underground.

Freud would probably have a field day with what goes on in people's minds when underground, so it's fitting that Martin has taken objects from his desk - whilst visiting the Freud museum - and combined them with the day dream responses to make posters. These will be on display across the Tube network from mid-August onwards.

"Daria Martin's daydream survey is an attempt to present these fleeting images 'en masse' as a way of revealing surprising, or critical, aspects of the way we live our city based lives and how we deal with everyday situations."

Some of the daydreams reported by travellers on the Jubilee line are represented here. You're invited to add yours to the collection or just see what's behind those "blank looks" on the Tube.

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