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Friday, August 13, 2010

Chivalry on Public Transport - London Transport Museum Ad

Last week's post on
London Underground Seat Etiquette led to lots of discussion on the rights or wrongs of giving up a seat. So I imagine my surprise this week, to see London Transport Museum have an ad on this. @Trixie spotted it on a bus stop in Camden.

London Transport Museum poster by Trixie

Trixie didn't like the poster and said it was "Massively inappropriate & too obscure a joke for the people who'd see it".

London Transport Museum who obviously thought otherwise and questioned this on Twitter "Really?", they asked.

What's your views? Laying aside whether women should or shouldn't be given seats - if you want to join the discussion on that leave a comment on the previous post, what do you think of the ad?

For a promotion for London Transport Museum I personally think it's very brave and I like the ex-King's moquette socks and tie! It's certainly eye catching too. But does it work better as an ad for public transport etiquette rather than a promotion for the Museum?

I'm don't know whether the ad will be placed on the London Underground and railway stations as well. Maybe Trixie's comment about it being "obscure for the people who'd see it" implies that it will be lost on bus travellers. Are rail or Tube travellers more likely to "get it"? Do you think more "appropriate" images for a "romantic age of travel" could have been used?

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