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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Police appeal for information on Tube Death

Many of you have probably heard about the horrible incident on Monday when a man fell to his death beneath a London Underground train. I was on the Westbound Piccadilly Line train just before this happened and it felt awful to know that if I'd been a few minutes later, I might have seen the accident.

Police appeal for information on Tube Death

Strangely enough, and I don't think about this often, while I was on the platform that night waiting for the train to come in, I decided to stand "side on" rather then face the train as normal. A friend of mine had told me a nasty story, where a friend of his had been pushed face on into a moving train as it was pulling into the station. I've no idea what made me think about that story then, it wasn't some "Mystic Meg" premonition, just something that strangely popped into my head.

Our driver made an announcement a few stations down that this was the last Piccadilly Line as someone was under a train behind us. He advised people to get on the train if they could as there wouldn't be more trains in either direction for quite some time. Most of us just thought we were lucky to be on it and I gave an idle Tweet when I emerged at Hammersmith, trying to give notice about the line closure.

The next morning news came through that a couple had been "playing around" on the crowded platform and pushing and pulling each other until one fell. I'm sure we've seen teenagers doing this, but the mind boggles as to why a woman in her mid thirties and a man in his fifties were doing this.

It was 6.30pm on a Monday evening, hardly the time for drunken high japes. It's a ridiculously stupid thing to do on an empty platform. But it's even worse doing this on a crowded rush hour platform, when simply by just walking near the yellow line, you feel like you could potentially fall or be bumped into at any minute.

Piccadilly Line apology

Yesterday the police were in full force at King's Cross and I was handed the leaflet pictured in the first photo. If you saw the incident please call the British Transport Police on 0800 40 50 40.

I seriously hope this acts as a cautionary tale for anyone who thinks it's funny to play "chicken" in front of a speeding Tube.

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