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Monday, December 06, 2010

Subway Bingo iPhone App

Someone needs to build one of these for the London Underground & call it Tubingo. You've probably played "Lingo Bingo" in meetings at work, marking off buzzwords each time they're mentioned. Now there's a free subway app based on ticking off the people you see on a Metro commute in New York.

Subway bingo iphone app

The designers describe the app: "Have fun riding the subway while finding and checking off all of the characters that subway commuters know and love. When you get five in a row, BINGO!

Created by New Yorkers, this game features beautiful artwork and an insider's attention to detail. Subway BINGO is a totally fun way to pass the time on the train or subway platform....Dozens and dozens of real-life characters, moving subway doors, and more!

It would need to be Tubecized / anglicized  to cover London but I reckon it would be popular.

In fact it reminded me of the spoof video of teenagers playing "Tube Poker" - supposedly "an illegal gambling craze played on the London Underground".

Hat tip to S N Barnes for the link!

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