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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Tube Map 2100 - London on Sea

One alternative London Underground map I didn't want to see. Remember the kerfuffle when the
Thames was taken off the Tube map last year. Well here's what the Thames could look like on the Tube map in 2100 if no action on climate change is taken. Just a four degree rise in temperature could raise sea levels dramatically.

Tube-map-2100 (2) (2) by Practical Action

Margaret Gardner, Director of Practical Action, the organisation who put the map together, said: "If no action is taken against the temperature and sea levels rise as predicted, large areas of London could be underwater by the end of the century – a frightening thought.  Not great news for our children or grandchildren.

GG - Practical Action (1105)

"In London we have an insurance industry and the necessary capital to do something about increased flooding risk. We can build barriers and do whatever is necessary. But in Dhaka and other cities in the developing world, there isn’t the spare cash to just invest in infrastructure to help people to adapt to climate change. So the answer has to be to avoid climate change in the first place

Certainly brings home the ominous lines from The Clash who sang "Cause London is drowning and I live by the river".

For more information and to sign up to Practical Action’s climate change campaign ‘Face Up to 4C’ please visit www.practicalaction.org/face-up.

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