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Monday, February 06, 2012

Jubilee Line Pictures to celebrate the Queen's Diamond Jubilee

It's the Queen's Diamond Jubilee today she has clocked up 60 years on throne. Although official celebrations will be in the summer, I wanted to commemorate this auspicious day with a look at the London Underground's Jubilee Line. It was the last major line to be added to the Tube system to mark the Queen's Silver Jubilee in 1979. Here's some pictures from the lovely Jubbly line  you may like:

Jubilee Line Opening May 1979

Just in case you haven't guessed from the attire of the ladies delicately tucking into their meals, this picture is from the 1970's. May 1979, in fact one of the many celebrations marking the opening of the Jubilee Line. At Bond Street station passengers were treated to a string quartet and a lovely meal. Ah those were the days.

Prince Charles opening the Jubilee Line from One Stop Short of Barking

Jubilee Line drivers' cabs always seem to get VIP's!
Prince Charles stood awkwardly in a driver's cab when the Jubilee Line was opened on 30th April 1979.

Ken Livingstone on the Tube - 3rd December 2011

The Jubilee Line is one where you're most likely to find Ken Livingstone, as he lives in Cricklewood. You can often see him on the line wearing his trusty raincoat.

Boris also travels on the Jubilee Line, but like Prince Charles was in the train operators cab. If you were travelling on the Jubilee Line around this time last year and thought some of driver's announcements sounded more bumbling than usual, that would have been Boris Johnson's dulcet tones. He said on Twitter "Rode in the driver's cab on the Jubilee this afternoon. It was fab. Amazing in fact. I have seen the future! So much easier for the driver!"

Rihanna took to the Jubilee Line last October to get to her gig at the O2.

Rihanna on the Tube - Taken by Lisa-Marie O'Keeffe

The Sun reported "The 23-year-old singer astonished passengers by travelling to London's O2 Arena on the Jubilee underground line using her Oyster travel card.

Shocked fans, who the star dubs her "navy", watched as she left a packed Tube train at North Greenwich station.

The story was kind of spoilt when it was also reported that as she left the station, with her security guards she then "jumped into a waiting car which drove her just 100 yards to the backstage area of the huge venue".

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