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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

New Rubbish Tube Ads

The newspaper you're reading is rubbish, says TfL. Bit harsh to say that about Metro, but they may have a point with other papers. Actually it's the appearance of new London Underground ads in Tube carriages which are, yet another, attempt to get London's commuters to take their papers away with them.

Tube Ad - Newspaper You're Reading is Rubbish by Annie Mole

When I initially heard that M & C Saatchi had designed the campaign and initally only saw this pretty dull ad below, I thought "Meh, Saatchi could do better". But now that I've seen the in-carriage ones above, I think it's a good job playing on both uses of the term rubbish - ie rubbish as in "pants" one of Vicki Pollard's favourite words and rubbish as in litter.  Also look out for press ads with a similar message saying "This advert is rubbish".

According to TfL in 2011, 97 newspapers, 76 drinks cans and bottles, 20 fast food items and 61 other objects were caught in train doors causing delays to services.

Also there were 327 "litter related incidents" which caused disruption on the network last year.

Gareth Powell, LU's Director of Strategy and Service Development, said: 'Customers don't always think of newspapers as rubbish when they are on a train or at a station. Leaving coffee cups, fast food packaging or newspapers on trains can lead to these items getting stuck in doors or falling on the track. By taking their litter with them or putting it in the bin passengers can help us run the Tube more smoothly and improve reliability.

'This new litter campaign is asking people to dispose of their rubbish in a bin so it can be recycled, minimising delays for the millions of people that use the Tube a day. This will also make the Tube cleaner and more pleasant for everybody.'

Piccadilly Line Litter

Numbers of bins on the London Underground have increased by 25% per cent and there's also 1,600 plus bins that are in, or within walking distance Tube stations.  Sadly the press release makes no mention how much it costs TfL (and us) to pay for staff to clear up all the free-sheets and papers - although some would argue that it's creating jobs!

Either way, let's hope TfL's new rubbish advertising isn't rubbish and has some effect.

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