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Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Latest Figures show Tube Delays at their ‘lowest since 2003′

The latest figures on the Tube's performance were published last week by TfL. The figures, covering the period from 8th January to 4th February 2012.  Average delays for the financial year to date - as measured by the number of customer hours lost to disruption - apparently are at their lowest since 2003/04, when TfL took responsibility for the London Underground.

Long wait for Kenningon Tube - Photo by @Michellelutes22

TfL's website says this is the "sixth consecutive period where delays are down compared to the equivalent periods during the last financial year. 

Slow lift by Owen Blacker
Slow Lift photo by Owen Blacker - Not sure what a fast lift is by comparison
The latest figures also show accessibility improvements around the network, with more than 98 per cent of lifts available at LU stations during the period".

Included in these improvements was the work returning Earl's Court Tube station to full step-free status. The lifts there returned to service four months ahead of schedule following a nine-month programme of works to increase lift reliability.

What do you think?  Have you seen any noticeable decrease in delays in the last nine years?  I started this blog in 2003 and really don't think that delays are any less frequent than they were back than.  Obviously it depends on which line you regularly travel on.  This District Line, my regular line is just as rubbish as it's always been in my opinion.  I do think the Northern Line has improved though and definitely deserves to lose the "Misery Line" title it used to have.  Do you have any contenders for worst Tube Line?  Also on a positive note, which ones do you think have improved?

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