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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Tube Toilet Seats?

Have the London Underground decided to offer priority seating for people who get caught short on the Tube? When going out last night, I glanced up from my newspaper and had to look again when I saw the sign pictured below.

Tube Toilet Seat

It was one of those occasions where for a split second I thought TfL had decided to test a new area. But no, it's those pesky Spoof Tube sticker people up to their antics again. I spent the next couple of stops trying to get a decent shot of the sticker with my fellow commuters wondering why I was so interested in taking pictures of the top of someone's head.

Tube Toilet Sign Spotted

Particularly as I was giggling so much about me momentarily thinking it was real.  I also spent the next five minutes wondering if they should have used the more common spelling of  diarrhoea (that's if it is more common?)

Bank weeing sign
Genuine London Underground sign at Bank Station

Which then made me think again about why there aren't toilets on London Underground carriages?  Some Tube journeys can take a long time, particularly if you are travelling from one end of the line to another.  TfL have produced a Toilet Tube Map, but is that enough? There are also signs like the one above where you could be "dealt with by the Police" if you're seen urinating in passages on the Tube.  So what do people with bladder problems do?  Specially when faced with ads for bladder control that are currently on the Tube.  Doesn't that just make you feel like you want to go to the loo, like hearing the sound of running water?

Text Toilet by Wendy
Photo by Wendy

I always try to make a point of going to the loo before I'm about to go home as I worry what would happen if my train was stuck in a tunnel for ages and I was desparate for a wee. Do other people do the same?  Or am I just paranoid about the idea of wetting myself on train?  Perhaps if you were stuck in a tunnel for hours on end, someone wetting themselves might be the least of your problems.  But it wouldn't be very pleasant now would it?

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