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Monday, September 10, 2012

Death Line on the London Underground

The tube network has been the venue for a good many films over the years, including quite famously An American Werewolf in London - where a commuter is stalked by the wolf down unrealistically empty corridors.

However, another film followed the stalking theme, but this time the villains are two cannibalistic descendants of the Victorians who built the tube tunnels!

Neither man nor woman any more, they lurk in an unfinished tube station and venture out for fresh meat amongst the commuters around the Holborn area.

Incidentally, this is set around Holborn - and the American Werewolf film was based in Tottenham Court Road. Evidently that bit of the Central Line is to be avoided if you don't want to end up dead!

Death Line (Raw Meat in the USA) was filmed in 1972, and curiously for a horror movie, was filmed on the actual underground network at both Holborn and Aldwych tube stations, although the cannibals lair was evidentially filmed elsewhere.

Staring Donald Pleasance, it also features a fleeting appearance by Christopher Lee.

The film trailer though is to our modern eyes hysterically funny.

I suspect that the scared student grabbing the station staff and shaking him wouldn't be approved of today though.

The best bit though is the final note on the trailer - that the film is "an experience in ultimate terror so fearful, that no additional scenes can be shown in this preview."

You have been warned!

A final note - eagle eyed tube geeks will notice that
video cover in the USA features a New York train, not the London Underground. How dare they!

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