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Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Stop Leaning Alarm Subway App

We've all seen people falling asleep on the London Underground and leaning on the shoulders of fellow commuters.  There's even a clip of a woman who took this one step further and started snuggling up to her neighbouring traveller.  If you don't want that person to be you, Japanese energy drink provider Guronsan have come up with a solution and created the world's first "Stop Leaning Alarm Application"!

Apparently 75 percent of Japan's salaried men are so exhausted from work that they end up dozing on the trains and leaning on neighbouring passengers. For them, the train serves as their "Second Bed"

With the Stop Leaning app, all you need to do is turn on the app, slide your mobile into your breast pocket, and it'll use your smartphone gyroscope to alert you right before you tilt over onto your neighbour's shoulder. Just when exhaustion is at its peak, the app kicks in and wakes you.

The app has already had over 200,000 downloads and has other useful tools such as a handy train schedule to alert you before you reach your destination (eliminating the need for those "Wake me up at XXX station" stickers). It also has a "slipping out function" that you can use if you nod off in boring meetings.  The alert would go off once you start dropping off and you can excuse yourself for a reason - saying you have an important crisis to attend to.

The free app's available on iTunes and on Android and you can find out more about it, including a super cheesy promo video for it here.

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