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Thursday, September 02, 2004


Pose or a bag of onions

No, my cold hasn't addled my head completely, but in this morning's Metro I read one of those snippets of news which said that someone paid �250 for a laptop which some men were selling from the back of a lorry. However, when the guy got home he found that the laptop bag contained onions. Now, call me ridiculous, but wouldn't a laptop bag filled with onions feel like it contained something that wasn't a laptop? However tightly the onions were packed together, wouldn't it feel a bit lumpy against your shoulder or your lap?

I see loads of people with laptops on my travels and a lot of the time I spend on the tube I'm lugging round a laptop myself, but I've never found enough space on the tube to actually use the laptop. Mainly cos I don't get on with those little sensitive panels or nipply things that replace the mouse. I do love looking at what people get up to with their lap tops on trains though. On Tuesday a guy was spending his whole journey playing Patience (very exec), yesterday a man was doing a table plan for an event at his local cricket club (very exec) and this morning I saw someone who was actually putting together a PowerPoint presentation.

Is it just the people I sit next to or is only a small proportion of people who actually use their laptop for work on the tube?

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